Villa Seychelles

The property is owned by a Franco Seychellois couple living in the French Caribbean. After 10 years in Seychelles the husband moved back to his native Guadeloupe in 2006. After renting the house on long term basis, in 2012, the wife decided to turn it into a holiday retreat because they wanted a place to stay as well when they come on holiday.

A little history with some irony
Born in Seychelles, Christina, the owner first graduated in France with a hotel management degree. But only after spending 6 months working in one of Seychelles largest hotel, she leaves the industry concluding that the hotel industry is not for her. She joins the inspection department of the tourism Ministry. But she leaves the tourism industry this time for good. Whilst she claims that she did not like working in hotels, she has always hoped to run her own accommodation business someday. 



The owners: Rodrigue & Christina

After choosing to specialise in accounting & finance, after completing an MBA, In 2010, she gets hired as an assistant financial controller for Radisson hotel in the Caribbean. There the idea is born for her to transform her house in Seychelles in a holiday accommodation. She takes a year off and in October 2011, she comes down to Seychelles to start her project of converting her home into a licensed tourist establishment offering modern comfort at an affordable price. In June 2012, Chant doiseau is registered as a business with the Registrar of companies. Albeit difficulties working on a tight budget, with the help of families, she finally gets her license in July 2012.

With everything in place, she moves back to her adopted island in the Caribbean but not to rest on her laurels but to manage her business at a distance with a tight reign. In the end the hotel management degree and the experience as an inspector with the Ministry of tourism has finally been put to good use. She handles all the marketing and accounting. The whole operational side is left with Anne, the sister in law who is the operations manager, the local contact.

The operation’s manager

Anne is a lively, outgoing girl who takes so much trouble to assist her clients in every way she can. Her dedication is much admired & complemented on by all the guests who have stayed at the chantdoiseau.

Anne, the operations/resident manager

Our Motto – Customer Satisfaction
From her numerous professional experience, the owner has one goal in mind when she first decided to set up her business, customer satisfaction. Albeit being away from Seychelles, she puts everything in place to ensure the clients feeds her back with information about  the product, the service and their experience at the Chant d’oiseau  through a mix of questionnaire & online reviews  powered by Tripadvisor. This is because it through guest reviews that she expects to improve so as to serve better.
If you are the curious traveller who travels to discover, to experience the local culture but at the same looking for a comfortable modern house with the standards and  the security required by the Seychelles tourist Board all at a budget price offering value for money, then Chant d’oiseau is for you.
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